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My journey into this hobby began when I was a youngster. I remember being fascinated with the saltwater tanks while visiting the fish stores to buying livestock and/or food for my freshwater tank. After several years of freshwater fish keeping and my own episode of “Fish Survivor”, I entered the saltwater arena with my 29 gallon fish only marine aquarium in June of 2005.

I have made many mistakes and found many people and places that have helped me understand this intriguing hobby. While this site was created to showcase my aquariums, I hope it can be equally entertaining and educational as well. A few of the most helpful sites I've found on the internet in my quest for knowledge about this hobby has been, The Reef Tank, Reef Central and The Atlanta Reef Club - if you haven't visited them yet, make sure to visit soon.

This hobby does require work and it can be expensive, but it is fascinating and I’ve learned that it is possible to maintain a reef aquarium and not go entirely broke in the process! The reward is sitting back and watching your own little slice of the ocean as it constantly changes!

I hope you enjoy this site and I always appreciate feedback. Email me anytime at

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